First Responder Service


The Colorado Centre Metropolitan District is committed to the safety of our residents and communities. In 2009 CCMD re-opened our local fire station at 4770 Horizonview Drive and staffed it with two full-time, paid firefighters available on a 24/7 rotation, bringing our maximum response time down to less than 4 minutes!

The CCMD First Responder Service is funded by a $19.71 monthly service charge paid by our residential and commercial customers.

On December 18, 2023, there was a command transfer that took place between CSFD and CCMD. The CCMD fire station has been leased to the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD). They will be serving their territory and CCMD at the same amount that the District was operating the station with just two firefighting contractors.

The CSFD brings a staff of four firefighters including a Paramedic component which CCMD was missing. Ambulance service will be through AMR. The City will be making improvements to the fire station which will add value to the property which will continue to be owned by CCMD, not by the City. You are reminded that CCMD is in El Paso County. CCMD is still the entity that is responsible for the provision of the service to the unincorporated properties and the unincorporated properties are responsible for the cost of this agreement. The agreement is currently scheduled through 2024, but it is highly likely that it will extend far beyond that time.

The Colorado Centre Fire Department received an ISO PPC classification of 2/2x.

ISO’s Public Protection Classifications

(PPCs) are important to communities because most U.S. insurers use PPC information to determine the premiums it charges their policyholders. Communities whose PPC improves may get lower insurance premiums for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

The CCMD Water System includes a 3MG tank, 350 GPM water production, and booster, 1200 GPM booster, static pressure with CCMD 70 psi to 90 psi, smallest diameter line 8”, fire hydrants located at one within 250’ and two within 400’ maximum of each property.

Fire Engine Capabilities include 1250 GPM and 4 air protection devices.