Residential Trash Collection

Colorado Centre Residential Trash Service – Optional




Colorado Centre Metropolitan District offers trash service to our residential customers. The District has contracted this service through a local company, GFL. As the District collects and submits the revenue from this service to GFL, GFL provides a substantial discount (approximately 50%) to all residents in Colorado Centre. Trash Service is $15.50 per month and is invoiced on your water/wastewater billing.




Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing GFL for all your trash needs.

Our truck CANNOT ACCEPT the following:


These items are not compactable, and are very heavy.

A word of caution concerning ashes: it is NEVER a good idea to put ashes from your fireplace or grill, regardless of how cool they appear, in your TOTER. We ask that you place the ashes in a metal container for three to four days. After they have cooled, put the ashes in a bag and place it next to your TOTER on your pick up day.

The TOTER provided is the property of GFL. Damage to the TOTER, other than normal wear, may result in a replacement fee of $60.00. (For your records you can note the number of your toter.)

The TOTER must be placed at the curb or in the alley by 7:00 AM. After the TOTER is emptied, it is your responsibility to place it in a safe location, away from wind and theft.

Additional Information Regarding GFL Trash Service:

Service is $15.50 a month, but the rate is contingent upon current GFL rates. Boxes will be collected at no charge. PLEASE BREAK DOWN ALL BOXES. Procedure for unusual or large items: Residents need to call GFL at 719-633-8709 and let them know the size and description of the item and GFL will give an estimate on the extra cost. Residents will need to pay before the item will be collected.


Residents may sign up for Recycling Directly through GFL.