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Colorado Centre Fire Station No. 1

After two public hearings and an extensive Survey of the Residents, customers and property owners within the District, the Board adopted a resolution that allowed it to activate “First Responder Fire and Emergency Services” in support of the Colorado Springs Fire Department services to our area. Please read the Fire Station History and Facts for more information regarding First Responder Fire Services. 

For additional information read the Fire & Emergency Services Information Sheet.


Citizen Initiatives

The Board determined that it is in the best interests of the District to have a clearly defined policy as to any citizen intiative proposed on a District matter.  The District values the input provided by its residents and property owners and it attempts to be responsive to all such input and ultimately to act in the best interest of all District residents and property owners.  At the same time, the District has limited financial means to hold an election every time a segment of District residents or property owners disagreees with a Board action or decision.  Therefore, the overall Policy objective is to ensure the rights of District residents and property owners to pursue initiative, while also allowing the District to efficiently manage its affairs without every District Board action potentially becoming the subject of an initiative effort.  For additional information regarding the policy/Resolution please read the Policy Regarding Citizen Initiatives.