Ground Water
Ground Water

Colorado Centre Metropolitan District’s water is pumped from four local wells (which is groundwater). Sixty percent of the earth’s water is groundwater. It travels through rock and soil picking up minerals, including calcium and magnesium along the way. These two minerals produce what is commonly referred to as “hardness” in water. Hard water is difficult to eliminate. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, hard water is found in more than 85 percent of the country. The most common option to correct hard water is to purchase a water softener. A water softener is an appliance that electronically removes the calcium and magnesium by regenerating the hard water with a strong salt water solution.

Colorado Centre constructed a new water treatment plant in 2016. The Michael H. Cantin Water Complex reduces the manganese and iron in the water which will reduce the high cost of chemicals to isolate the manganese. The treatment plant will not reduce the “hardness” in the water.

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The District flushes the water two times a year (April & October). This procedure is done in order to flush out sediment deposits that have collected in the mains. During the flushing you may experience a brownish discoloration of your water. This is normal during hydrant flushing. After the mains have been flushed, your water will return to its normal state.


Water Pump
Water Pump

2020 Residential Water Fees:

$13.50 Per Month-Administrative Service Charge

$ 3.00 Per Month-Capital Improvement Service Charge

$ 3.50 Per 1,000 Gallons-Use Charge up to 7.5kgal/mo.

$ 4.50 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 7.5 up to 15kgal/mo.

$ 6.50 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 15 up to 20kgal/mo.

$10.00 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 20 up to 25kgal/mo.

$16.00 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 25kgal/mo.




2020 Commercial Water Fees:

$80.80 Per Month-Administrative Service Charge

$35.00 Per Month-Capital Improvement Service Charge

$ 3.50 Per 1,000 Gallons-Use Charge up to 15kgal/mo.

$ 4.50 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 150 up to 30kgal/mo.

$ 6.50 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 30 up to 40kgal/mo.

$10.00 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 40 up to 50kgal/mo.

$16.00 Per 1,000 Gallons-After 50kgal/mo.