Michael H. Cantin Water Complex Dedication Ceremony



 Michael H. Cantin Water Complex Dedication Ceremony

 After eighteen months of construction, the new iron and manganese filtration plant is operational. The Grand Opening Celebration/Dedication has been scheduled for June 25, 2016 beginning at 10:00 AM.  The location of the new Water Plant is at the intersection of Flagstone and E. Anvil Drive.  There will be public officials, contractors, your Board of Directors and staff in attendance.  Please plan to attend and enjoy a tour of the plant, a dedication ceremony, and a barbecue lunch.


Although it was not required by any regulatory agency, the levels of secondary contaminants in the well water used by the District is 0.3 parts per million when the recommended maximum is 0.05 parts per million. Therefore, the District’s level is six times higher than desirable. By adding the filtration system, the water delivered to the District’s customers will now contain about 0.015 or less parts per million of manganese, or less than half the maximum amount.


The District currently produces a maximum of about 800,000 gallons per day during peak production. It only owns water rights that permit an average daily pumping of 732,000 gallons per day for every day of the year or 267,179,600 gallon. The District only uses about 90,000,000 gallons per year. However, the plant as installed can treat up to 1,250 gpm or 1,800,000 gallons per day with full redundancy of treatment. So, the plant could treat 3,600,000 gallons per day if both filtration vessels were to be run simultaneously.  The plant has been designed to potentially add a mirror image of itself in the future, if ever necessary. All the structural, piping and control components have been designed and built to allow this to happen.


The plant was supplied by Filtronics Inc., of Anaheim, CA. The Design-Build Package for the building and assembly of the plant was performed by T-Bone Construction of Colorado Springs. The Civil Design and technical support for the filtration plant installation were performed by JDS Hydro Consultants. The Project Management was done by Professional Consultants Incorporated.


Since joining the District’s Board on 9/26/2002, Michael Cantin has worked tirelessly to improve the District and ensure that the quality of the services to the customers is the best that it can be at the lowest possible cost. He also has participated as a representative of the District in the Lower Fountain Metropolitan Sewage Disposal District’s new regional water reclamation facility where he gets to oversee the District’s interest in the handling of its sewage treatment there. Mike has been a strong supporter of the staff and management which has helped the District attain a level of stability it could only dream of after coming out of bankruptcy in 1992.